by Homage

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released August 30, 2012

all songs written by homage
drums recorded by tyler nassiri
guitar/bass recorded by jon lundrigan, eske schiralli, emmett johnston
vocals recorded by waley gao
recorded, mixed, and mastered by sam guaiana at king street studios
recorded summer 2012

homage is: emmett johnston, jon lundrigan, eske schiralli, travis dupuis, waley gao



all rights reserved


Homage Toronto, Ontario

Just a couple of ding dongs from Toronto.

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Track Name: Groundwork
nothing provides the groundwork for this to grow
Track Name: Albeit
i'm led to believe my path will carry me to where i need to be
they never said it could feel like this
my destination is supposed to lead me, it seems
when instead it's so fucking misguiding
and constantly i'm losing grip of everything

brought into a place so ordered
a life built on expectation
nothing relies on chance
i've been confined by these walls of glass
told to accept mediocrity
firmly built but just as fragile, lined with blind faith and fate, then what to be made of ourselves

i just discover myself questioning the choices that i've made,
the reasoning upheld inside of me
i still find myself judging the person that i am and if i'll make it out with my sanity

despite all the greatness that surrounds me, i still find myself living on my knees
it's hard to keep my head above the water
its grasp keeps pulling me under

through every stage i've come to complete, i'm unjustly left feeling defeated
so i'll ask what's next. i'm left unanswered when I'm the only one who can respond to this

i won't fail to be, what i see in me, what i want to see. the significance.
our progress was laid. what now?
our decisions were made. what now?
am i just making progress without progression?
what now? what fucking happens now?
Track Name: Definitive
this fragment of time that i've been given
to measure my life by values is something you believed in
you fed me courage, built up my being

and that means more than you could ever know
that means more to me than anything

echo love into the foundation
resonate fulfillment through my frame
i've gained inspiration through observing your will
and standing by your word makes this promise permanent

often i find myself thinking, from the back of my mind
i'm truly fortunate to lead this life
my thoughts focus every memory involving everything you gave me
within those who've helped shape me
my life is for me to decide, my direction is paved clearly

thank you for giving me all that i have
for supplying me with your endless passion

a thousand times over these words can be said,
but they'll never truly echo these thoughts in my head
i don't take this for granted, i wouldn't have it any other way
thank you
Track Name: Release Relief
i've seen both sides, my heart replaced my sight
i was only thinking for myself, pushing away all those around me
but now i can see clearly
nothing is infinite and i can only rely on myself

you're in my heart but you're in my way
it's going to be a long time before i see your face the way i used to see it
i used to have a lot of hope in you, but sadly that's not the enough to get us through

i've seen both sides, my heart replaced my sight
i was only thinking for myself
but now i have seen clearly
nothing is infinite and i can only rely on myself

i'm tired, i can't keep holding on
we both know what's best; it's time to move along
and at the end of the day, we'll make it out alright
what we had was worth it: the golden, the sleepless nights
Track Name: It's Becoming An Integral Part
look at your life, open up your eyes
open your mind and take in what's around you
was this everything you thought you'd amount to?
we shape ourselves to flourish within our worlds
when in the end, won't mean a single fucking thing
is this the way you want to be living?
playing it safe in a world so unforgiving
see in new light; don't let it go over your head

the strength of my being subsides
in this instance we call a lifetime
i'm cut short on this borrowed contract
so i'll make the most of everything i have

remind me why i'm still here and i instantly see
there is an image, it's crystal clear, the image of me
depicting the boy i once was and now, the man i've become
now, and somehow, i feel proud of who i have become

we long to be everything we are not, never to realize what we have lost

never to realize the things we have lost
we long for everything that we are not
it's reassuring in the matter of fact that we'll all die alone

i've stopped believing, and trying to make sense
that the lives we are leading will be worth it in the end
i can't grasp the feeling
we're so insignificant
we hold no significance
i can't